Covid-19 [En]

All the information about the Covid 19  (Fia y Aragón Trophy)

  • Application for Certificate to Enter Spain

All teams with personnel traveling from a country outside the Schengen area, can request the Entry Certificate through the attached form. Once processed by the CSD (Spanish Sport Association) , a copy will be sent to you so that you can process your Visa.

  • List of Attendees

When the teams register, they have to fill in all the data of the team members who will attend Baja España-Aragón, as well as Appendix 1 that they will have to send by WEB Form

  • Entry Requirements for Entry in Spain from third Countries

All passengers arriving in Spain by air or sea must undergo a health control before entering the country, at the first Spanish point of entry.

For more information on health controls for travellers, international means of transport and international ports and airports facilities at Spanish points of entry, see the following Link