The announcement by the Government of Spain of the beginning of the different phases of de-escalation is a hopeful news story for the motorsport and drives us more strongly to maintain the work plan that is already underway for the celebration next July of the XXXVII Baja Spain Aragón.

The organization of this qualifying event for the FIA World Cup for Bajas off-road, for the Spanish All Terrain Championship and the FIM World Cup of Bajas, wants to transfer the participants and inform the fans that the 2020 edition is still standing and work is under way to carry it out on the expected dates of 23, 24 and 25 July in Teruel.

The event will maintain the same format last year, with two days of competition, those on Friday 24 July and Saturday 25, in which there will be two specials planned in each of both days. For Thursday 23, the administrative and technical checks that will have to be carried out will be planned.

Due to the exceptional situation that our country is going through with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the organization is working in the same way on a prevention plan for pilots, teams and personnel that take part in the test following the guidelines established by the health authorities and the autonomous community itself for the realization of the different sporting events planned in Spain during the coming months.

Once the State of Alarm that is still in force in our country, the organization of Baja Spain will sit down with the Government of Aragon and the different institutions of the community to try to find the financing that allows us to carry out the event of 2020 normally and guarantees.

The organization continues to work with the different national and international federations, defining the corresponding regulations and shaping the best possible routes throughout the province of Teruel. In the coming weeks, depending on the evolution of the different phases of the de-escalate envisaged by the Government, more developments regarding this year’s edition will be reported.